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The Office of Management Strategy and Solutions (M|SS) is the State Department’s internal management policy, consulting, and data analytics capability. M|SS is comprised of three directorates, Policy and Global Presence, the Center for Analytics, and Consulting and Advanced Projects.

Policy and Global Presence

The Policy and Global Presence (PGP) directorate works with Department and interagency partners to implement enterprise-wide management goals and fulfill statutory requirements. PGP works on a variety of short-term and long-term management policies.

With a focus on professional excellence and integrity, the team works to improve strategic governance, support Chiefs of Mission and their overseas management platforms, and optimize the alignment of Department resources with U.S. foreign policy priorities. PGP’s goals include:

  • Coordinating the evaluation of overseas staffing levels relative to strategic goals and recommending changes to efficiently match resources with objectives.
  • Enhancing the Department’s approach to global diplomatic presence through a cross-cutting decision-making process supported by the Enterprise Governance Board, a forum for senior leaders to provide input into enterprise-level decisions regularly.
  • Advising Department leadership on the complex roles and responsibilities of Chief of Mission Authority (COM) and engaging with outside agencies to ensure a consistent understanding of COM.

Center for Analytics

The Center for Analytics (CfA) is the Department’s official enterprise data management and analytics capability. Led by the Chief Data Officer, CfA transforms data into bold insights that help over 75,000 employees – from working-level to the Secretary – make better management and foreign policy decisions.

CfA is where the science of analytics meets the art of diplomacy. Its mission is to expand data access and grow analytic expertise across the Department’s domestic bureaus and missions around the world. As a central data hub, CfA works to enable and deliver data and analytics at the Department to help solve our most pressing foreign policy and management challenges. CfA’s goals include:

  • Developing and implementing data management and analytics products to solve the Department’s most pressing foreign policy challenges, including measuring malign influence, prioritizing strategic engagement, and tracking return on investments.
  • Cultivating a data culture that enhances collaboration, improves hiring and retention, and strengthens data acumen at all levels to empower data-informed decision-making.
  • Defining the Department’s data architecture to establish mission-driven data management and enable access to data for bureaus and posts around the world.
  • Enhancing enterprise data governance to expand data policies and measure the organizational value of data and analytics.

Consulting and Advanced Projects

M|SS’ Consulting and Advanced Projects (CAP) directorate serves as the Department’s internal think-tank and consultancy for solving complex, enterprise-wide challenges. CAP builds and strengthens relationships between the field and domestic offices, Management bureaus, and across the entire Department to find innovative solutions. CAP supports and advances foreign policy goals through developing tools, training, and technologies that focus on operational planning, project management, performance metrics, and continuous process improvement.

CAP is made up of four work streams that provide in-house consulting to the Department that meet the needs of solving complex 21st century challenges.

  • Advanced Projects addresses complex, enterprise-wide challenges by devoting the time and subject matter expertise needed to move solutions forward at an enterprise level.
  • Greening Diplomacy Initiative serves as the Department’s lead for sustainability, including carbon footprint and sustainability reporting, as well as engagement and innovation. The GDI released the ZephAir app, a global air quality.
  • Management Optimization & Applied Analytics serves as the Department’s team for providing analytic tools, performance benchmarks, and support for the global management platform.
  • Teamwork@State is the Department’s in-house management consulting team that acts as neutral facilitators to help teams across the Department address their unique challenges.

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