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The Office of U.S. Security Coordinator for Israel and the Palestinian Authority was established in March 2005. The original purpose was to transform and professionalize Palestinian armed groups following the Second Intifada (2000-2005). USSC has since worked with the stakeholders to achieve security conditions stipulated in the Oslo Accords (1993/1995):

  • Assist in ending violence through effective Palestinian security services.
  • Facilitate coordination and cooperation in mutual security matters.
  • Develop a capable, effective, and sustainable security force.
  • Mediate redeployment of Palestinian security forces to areas vacated by IDF, including Area B.
  • The Palestinian Authority now have an increasingly effective and professional set of security institutions, capable of protecting and serving Palestinians in the West Bank. USSC remains focused on coordinating institutional reform, facilitating security cooperation, and setting security conditions for a peace agreement.


The Office of United States Security Coordinator (USSC) is a joint, international, and interagency team. It is headquartered in Jerusalem and led by Lieutenant General Michael R. Fenzel. USSC is the lead U.S. government agency for synchronizing international support efforts and commitment to an enduring partnership between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.


USSC coordinates with Government of Israel and Palestinian Authority to enhance security cooperation, lead coalition efforts in advising the Palestinian Authority on security sector reform, and cultivate opportunities for nations and organizations to contribute to development of a sustainable Palestinian security sector.


Facilitate and optimize coordination and communication between Israeli Security Forces (ISF) and Palestinian Authority Security Forces.


Build greater confidence, trust, and capacity in the ISF/PASF relationship, aimed at:

  • Achieving comprehensive PASF Human Re-source Reform.
  • Reasserting security related expectations and conditions stipulated in the Oslo Accords.
  • Modernizing all means of coordination and communication.
  • Promoting engagement and increased security within refugee camps

Our Approach

Using a multi-year strategic plan, we aim to achieve mutually beneficial security objectives for Israel and the Palestinian Authority. We work to build the confidence necessary to set conditions for a lasting peace agreement focused on building trust and easing tensions.

Maintaining routine contact with both sides, we will ensure a security coordination mechanism is always in place to facilitate close cooperation on security matters. The existing network of security professionals in the region provides options to deescalate tensions in times of crisis and to find alternatives to conflict and violence.

Assisting Palestinian Authority security institutions in the development of systems and processes, we encourage transparency and sustainability in the absence of international donor support. We are pursuing comprehensive human resource reform, which is essential to a sustainable security sector. Our routine engagements ensure legitimate security institutions that guarantee the dignity and human rights of all citizens.

Multinational Team

Our coalition efforts benefit from the contributions of nine NATO members including Bulgaria, Canada, Italy, Greece, Poland, Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States. Our staff consists of military and civilian security experts who specialize in operations, plans, logistics, and the rule of law.

Human Rights

The respect for human rights is essential to maintain effective and legitimate security institutions. We promote the incorporation of rule of law and human rights in all aspects of security coordination.


An effective and sustainable Palestinian Authority Security Force capable of providing security to all Palestinian people, while respecting human rights, and contributing to improved regional security through seamless coordination with Israeli Security Forces.

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