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The Office of International Claims and Investment Disputes has lead responsibility in the United States Government for pursuing and defending an ever-changing array of claims under international law brought by U.S. nationals against foreign governments and by foreign nationals and governments against the United States Government. These claims most often relate to the expropriation of property and investment disputes, but also encompass wrongful death, personal injury, wrongful imprisonment, and other claims. The Office of International Claims also develops claims resolution processes to assist efforts to resolve disputes between third countries and nationals and negotiates claims settlements.

Under international law and practice the United States does not formally espouse claims on behalf of U.S. nationals unless the claimant can provide persuasive evidence demonstrating that certain prerequisites have been met. The most important of these requirements are that the claimant was at the time the claim arose and remains a U.S. citizen, that all local remedies have been exhausted or the claimant has demonstrated that attempting to do so would be futile, and that the claim involves an act by the foreign government that is considered wrongful under international law.

American nationals who wish to request the assistance of the United States in pursuing a claim against a foreign government, and who can meet the requirements described above, may submit their request along with supporting information to:

Office of the Legal Adviser
Suite 203, South Building
2430 E Street, NW
Washington, 20037-2800

Claimants are requested to provide a translation of any documents submitted that are not in English.

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