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COVID-19 Vaccine Donations

As we’ve long said, as long as the virus is spreading anywhere, it’s a threat to people everywhere, including Americans here at home. That’s why earlier this year, President Biden announced that the United States will share over 1.2 billion doses with countries around the world. As of November 8, we’ve donated:

Vaccine Doses Shipped


President Biden is committed to leading an international and coordinated vaccine effort, and announced that the United States will provide 1.2 billion doses of safe, effective vaccines to meet global needs.

As of November 8, the United States, through coordinated efforts with Gavi and bilateral agreements, has delivered more than 660 million vaccine doses to over 115 countries.

To date, we have shipped millions of vaccines to over 43 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, 30 countries in the Western Hemisphere, and to about 26 countries in Southern and Eastern Asia. This disease knows no borders and is affecting the entire world, and the U.S. is showing up, leading, and helping to bring an end to COVID-19.

We have made 664,517,350 safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine doses available to over 115 countries.

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