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The Network

The Network connects Foreign Service family members in the Washington area with potential employers within the U.S. Department of State as well as with other federal agencies and private organizations. Through weekly emails, The Network-registered family members of direct hire U.S. government employees who will serve, are serving, or have served under Chief of Mission abroad at a U.S. embassy or consulate receive targeted employment opportunities.

The Global Community Liaison Office (GCLO) sources federal job opportunities for Foreign Service family members who have earned non-competitive eligibility (NCE) under Executive Order 12721. It also works with outside organizations to source job opportunities and give Foreign Service family members the inside track on government contract, NGO, and other private sector positions in the U.S. Job vacancy announcements and other employment-related information, including upcoming programs and GCLO services, is distributed via The Network to registered family members.

Foreign Service Family Member Subscription

Foreign Service family members may register for The Network by sending an email to Please include employee sponsor’s name, agency affiliation, embassy or consulate, and personal email address. Subscribers will be notified once added to the distribution list.

Advertising Job Vacancies

Advertising job vacancies on The Network provides federal and private sector employers and federal contractors access to a talented, professional pool of candidates with diverse talents and valuable skills such as:

  • foreign language ability
  • undergraduate and advanced degrees
  • skills in HR, IT, project management, administration, communication, economics, legal, and medical fields, among others
  • overseas experience and intercultural awareness

Federal employers also have access to a pool of candidates who

  • can be more easily appointed into career-conditional appointments in the Civil Service through the non-competitive hiring authority mandated under EO 12721 (5 CFR 315.608).
  • often hold active security clearances.
  • are committed to serving the U.S. government as federal employees.
How to Advertise Job Vacancies on The Network:
  1. Hiring managers/HR staff submit The Network Job Posting Form, which can be filled out in a matter of minutes, to Need this form? Request it via
  2. A member of GCLO’s employment team notifies the point of contact listed on the form once the position has been posted to The Network.
  3. The point of contact receives resumes directly. GCLO is not involved in receiving resumes, interviewing candidates, or the selection process.
  4. Hiring managers may also want to consider posting “Expressions of Interest” on The Network to start gathering resumes for a future position.
Important Information for Federal Employers:
  • Hiring managers and HR specialists can save valuable time by advertising career-conditional, temporary, term, or excepted service positions on The Network. Positions can also be advertised concurrently with USAJOBS to target candidates with non-competitively eligibility (NCE) (5 CFR 315.608).
  • Hiring managers proceed with resume screening, interviews, etc. and should contact their agency’s HR staff for instructions about how to bring the selected candidate on board. The HR staff will verify all eligibility requirements for NCE appointments under this special hiring authority.
  • Federal agencies should note that applicable Career Transition Assistance Plan (CTAP) and Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP) requirements must be met (5CFR 330 Subpart G). This often means advertising on USAJOBS for a designated period.
  • Department of State (DOS) hiring managers may not have to meet these requirements if the family member is a current Department of State employee or is on the rolls of DOS in the Foreign Service Family Reserve Corps.
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