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The Bureau of Global Talent Management (GTM) is pleased to announce that it will be accepting applications to fill overseas positions through the HTF Program (for career CS employees at the Department of State) and the Professional Associates Program (for AEFMs). Applications must be received by 11:59 p.m. Eastern time May 14, 2021. This cable outlines the requirements and procedures for applying through these programs. As the Foreign Service (FS) positions in this notice remain open to eligible FS bidders until the date of the assignment panel action, applications may not result in assignment to a given position. Note: The Professional Associates Program, through which AEFMs can apply for specific unfilled FS positions at the post where their sponsoring employee is assigned, is separate from the Expanded Professional Associates Program (EPAP).


The regular FS assignments process invariably leaves some overseas positions without interested and/or qualified Foreign Service bidders. This cable announces positions available through the HTF Program and Professional Associates Program that have not received a sufficient number of FS bidders. These designated positions are open to AEFMs and Department of State career CS employees.

CS assignments to overseas FS positions have been an important part of the Department’s Human Resources programming for many years, helping to meet critical overseas staffing needs, while providing a unique career development opportunity for CS employees on a HTF assignment participate directly in the Department’s overseas missions and experience life and work at an Embassy or Consulate. Recognizing the talented AEFMs within the Department community, the Professional Associates Program extends this opportunity to AEFMs, allowing them to apply for specific unfilled FS positions at the post where their sponsoring employee is assigned.

FS direct-hire employees may continue to bid on the unfilled positions listed in this message and will receive priority. As the FS positions in this notice remain open to eligible FS bidders until the date of the assignment panel action, applications by CS employees may not result in assignment to a given position. For AEFMs, however, as soon as a selected AEFM has received and accepted an offer on one of the positions listed in Section III, that position will be removed from the available position list and the family member will be considered the candidate. This procedure reflects the intent of the programs in allowing the Department to staff overseas missions in the most efficient manner. It is important to remember that AEFMs may only apply for these positions at posts where their sponsoring employee is currently assigned and AEFMs must commit to serve for a minimum of one year in the position. In order to staff posts as efficiently as possible and meet mission needs, qualified AEFMs will be given preference over equally qualified CS employees. Among AEFMs, those with Veterans’ preference will be given priority.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for positions through the Professional Associates Program, the applicant must be:

Appointment Eligible Family Member (AEFM): An individual who meets all of the following criteria is considered to be an AEFM for employment purposes (3 FAM 7121):

  1. Is a U.S. citizen;
  2. Is the spouse or domestic partner (as defined in 3 FAM 1610) of a sponsoring employee (as defined in this section);
  3. Is listed on one of the following:
    1. Travel orders of a sponsoring employee who is assigned (not TDY) to a U.S. mission abroad under Chief of Mission authority, or at an office of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), or;
    2. An approved Form OF-126, Foreign Service Residence and Dependency Report (or other agency equivalent), of a sponsoring employee who is assigned (not TDY) to a S. mission abroad under Chief of Mission authority, or at an office of the AIT, and is residing at the sponsoring employee’s post of assignment abroad;
  4. Does not receive a U.S. Government retirement annuity or pension from a career in the U.S. Foreign Service or Civil Service;
  5. Is not a Foreign Service Generalist or Specialist in Leave Without Pay (LWOP) status;
  6. Is not a Civil Service employee with re-employment rights to their agency or bureau.

Eligibility Requirements for Information Management Positions

FS Information Management Specialists (IMS) are responsible for the Department’s Information Resource Management (IRM) programs and Information Technology (IT) systems world-wide. The work is diverse, and at overseas posts, IMS manage both staff supporting these programs and perform hands-on duties themselves. IMS provide customer support, knowledge management and application support, manage a world-wide telecommunications network, computer networks, telephone systems, radio networks, and the Diplomatic Pouch and Mail program. At embassies and consulates abroad, IMS are expected to perform other duties, such as supporting visits of high-level officials, including the President of the United States, in support of U.S. foreign policy.

AEFMs who apply for positions in Information Resource Management (positions with the title of Information Programs Officer (IPO), Information Security Officer (ISO), and Information Management Specialist (IMS) must be able to obtain a Top-Secret security clearance and should have specialized experience working with computers, upgrading, repairing, replacing hardware and software components; or working with network devices, switches and routers; or performing Sys-Admin functions such as mail server maintenance; adding, deleting and assigning users to roles and providing direct assistance to customers, patch management and server maintenance; configuring or administering virtual network environment; the cloud; telecommunications or voice communications; information security; or Program Management for IT projects or Data Analytics experience.

NOTE: Interested IRM applicants must meet the additional minimum qualifications and should write to to obtain a list of the qualifications.

How to Apply

Application packages must include:

  1. An updated federal resume or curriculum vitae. Consistent with the federal application process, Professional Associate applicants must clearly demonstrate that they meet or exceed Professional Associate requirements. GTM’s Global Community Liaison Office (GTM/GCLO) Global Employment Advisors (GEA) can assist AEFMs with developing a federal resume.
  2. Form DS-174 Department of State Application for Employment as a Locally Employed Staff or Family Member. The form can be found on the internet or in myData if applicant has access to OpenNet. Be sure to include all relevant work experience you wish to be considered. Use additional pages, if necessary. List HTF 2021 for the vacancy announcement number.
  3. Evidence of relevant training, education, and/or experience for the position.
  4. A signed and dated cover memorandum with the following language: “I am applying for position X (include POST/TITLE/POSITION NUMBER/GRADE/SKILL CODE/LANGUAGE/AVAILABILITY, see positions advertised for 2021). My sponsoring employee, (name), is assigned to (post) until (month/year). If selected, I commit to serve in the position for at least one year and I acknowledge that all leave would have to be approved by my supervisor.”
  5. A copy of the sponsoring employee’s assignment cable/notification or approved form OF- 126 signed by an Authorizing Official in GTM/EX/IDSD) listing the applicant by name as a dependent, the sponsoring agency, and current or upcoming post of assignment.
  6. Employee evaluation reports from previous federal employment.
  7. If applying for an International Relations Officer, General (IROG), Political Officer (POL), Economic Officer (ECON), or Public Diplomacy (PD) position, please provide a writing sample, which can be a recent memorandum. Please ensure that the sample is of an unclassified nature.

The application package should be scanned and sent electronically to Please ensure that all documents are provided in a single email, each as a separate attachment. Do not submit documentation in multiple emails. All attachments should be labeled accordingly (e.g., application attachment should be labeled “Application” or “Form DS-174” and include the last name).

Length of Tours

Length of tour will be tied to the original tour length of the sponsoring employee. Should your sponsor extend, there is no guarantee that you will retain your employment as there may be a FS employee who has been assigned to the position. You must commit and be able to serve at least one year. On the effective date of hire (not the date of the conditional offer), the candidate’s sponsoring employee must have at least one year remaining on his/her tour of duty.

Guidelines for Applicants

Selected AEFMs are required to obtain the appropriate security clearances for the position of assignment prior to appointment. Professional Associates are appointed using the Family Member Appointment (FMA) mechanism in most cases. The regulations for FMAs are in 3 FAM 8200. Salary is determined by a Human Resources Specialist with experience in setting FS salaries. Professional Associates hired under a FMA will receive Overseas Foreign Service Comparability pay and will accrue leave at a rate based on their length of service. Professional Associates on a FMA will be able to pay into the Thrift Savings Plan, FEGLI, FEHB, and FERS. They may also be eligible to receive Non-Competitive Eligibility after 52 weeks of government service.

There is no mechanism for the conversion of a Professional Associate to career FS. AEFMs selected for a Professional Associate position should be aware that they will not be able to convert to career Foreign Service at the end of a tour.

Security Clearance

Applicants must be able to obtain the appropriate security clearance If the candidate cannot obtain the required clearance in time to comply with the one-year requirement, the bureau will rescind the offer of employment.


All the vacancies in this notice are for summer 2021 job starts unless otherwise indicated. If required, Foreign Service Institute training, including language, may be provided.

Cautionary Notes

The FS positions in this notice remain open to eligible FS bidders until the date of the assignment action panel. However, once an offer has been extended and accepted by an AEFM, the assignment will be considered finalized. AEFMs are not eligible for mid-level Consular Officer positions.

List of Summer 2021 Positions Available Positions

(Available to both AEFMs and Civil Service Employees. Note: AEFMs may only apply for Professional Associates positions at posts where their sponsoring employee is currently assigned)

CS employees may consult FSBid to access the capsule description of a position in which they are interested, contact the incumbent of the position to request his/her work requirements statement, or contact the bureau Executive Office to request a job description (but no applicant is permitted to enter a bid through FSBid).

AEFMs can contact the bureau executive office contacts for capsule position description and will find general information on the program at GCLO’s webpage.

Language Legends: AD-Arabic (Modern Standard); CM-Chinese Mandarin; FR-French; HC- Haitian Creole; HJ-Hindi; JN-Indonesian; QB-Spanish-Caribbean; RU-Russian; TU-Turkish




  • *ABIDJAN/International Relations Off/10813058/03/6080/CM 0/2/MAY-21
  • *ABIDJAN/POL OMS/10154000/06/9017/FR 2/2/JUL-20
  • ADDIS ABABA/ Human Resources Officer/57184000/02/2201/SEP-21
  • *ASMARA/Security Technical Specialist/57256903/03/2560/None/APR-21
  • *BAMAKO/Facility Manager/52124001/03/6217/FR 2/2/APR-21
  • *BAMAKO/Public Affairs Officer/60123002/02/4400/FR 2/2/OCT-21
  • *BAMAKO/Security Technical Specialist/57256902/03/2560/FR 0/0/SEP-21
  • *BRAZZAVILLE/Public Affairs Officer/60087006/03/4400/FR 3/3/OCT-22
  • *BUJUMBURA/Economic Officer/20009002/03/5015/FR 3/3/JUL-22
  • *BUJUMBURA/Information Mgt Officer/55010004/03/2880/None/JUL-21
  • *BUJUMBURA/Management Officer/50002006/02/2010/FR 2/2/JUN-22
  • *BUJUMBURA/Political Officer/10023004/03/5505/FR 3/3/SEP-22
  • *BUJUMBURA/Public Affairs Officer/60004916/03/4400/FR 3/3/JAN-21
  • *CONAKRY/Facility Manager/52038000/03/6217/FR 0/0/JUL-21
  • *CONAKRY/Information Mgt Officer/55020004/03/2880/None/Vacant/AUG-20
  • DAKAR/Information Systems Off/55033002/03/2880/FR 0/0/AUG-20
  • *FREETOWN/Pol/Econ Officer/14007005/03/6050/AUG-20
  • *FREETOWN/Public Affairs Officer/60025003/03/4400/None//JUN-20
  • KHARTOUM/General Services Officer/52108023/02/2301/None/SEP-20
  • *KINSHASA/Economic Officer/20261000/03/5015/FR 3/3/AUG-22
  • *KINSHASA/General Services Officer/51268000/02/2301/FR 2/2/OCT-22
  • *KINSHASA/Information Mgt Specialist/55226000/04/2880/FR 0/0/FEB-21
  • *LIBREVILLE/Economic Officer/20176010/03/5015/FR 3/3/NOV-20
  • *LILONGWE/DCM OMS/00001901/05/9017/None/MAR-21
  • *LILONGWE/Econ/Commercial Off/20002003/03/5015/None/AUG-21
  • *LILONGWE/Political Officer/01963000/03/5505/None/SEP-2021
  • *MALABO/Management Officer/50020003/03/2010/QB 3/3/MAY-21
  • *MONROVIA/DCM OMS/10034001/06/9017/None/JUN-21
  • *MONROVIA/Information Mgt Specialist/55010012/04/2880/None/MAY-20
  • *NIAMEY/Consular Officer/30011031/03/3001/FR 3/3/MAR-22
  • *NIAMEY/DCM OMS/00003025/05/9017/FR 2/2/MAY-21
  • *OUAGADOUGOU/Information Mgt Officer/55013006/03/2880/FR 0/0/OCT-21
  • *OUAGADOUGOU/Management Officer/50004020/02/2010/FR 3/3/JUN-21
  • PRETORIA/Information Mgt Specialist/55060001/04/2880/None/JUN-21
  • WINDHOEK/Facility Manager/52016002/04/6217/None/MAY-21
  • *YAOUNDE/Information Systems Off/55138000/03/2880/None/SEP-21


  • BEIJING/Information Mgt Specialist/55053001/04/2880/CM 0/0/MAY-21
  • BEIJING/Information Mgt Specialist/55179128/04/2880/CM 0/0/SEP-21
  • BEIJING/Information Mgt Specialist/55046003/04/2880/CM 0/0/MAY-21
  • BEIJING/Information Mgt Tech Spec/55255204/04/2882/None/JUL-21
  • BEIJING/Public Diplomacy Officer/60157000/01/4420/CM 3/2/JUL-22
  • GUANGZHOU/Information Mgt Specialist/55022003/04/2880/CM 0/0/JUL-21
  • GUANGZHOU/Information Mgt Specialist/55095220/04/2880/None/AUG-21
  • HANOI/Econ OMS/20254136/06/9017/None/JUN-21
  • JAKARTA/Econ OMS/20139002/04/9017/JN 2/2/MAY-21
  • KOLONIA/Management Officer/50006008/03/2010/None/SEP-21
  • MANILA/Printing Officer/60790666/01/4100/None/JUN-21
  • MEDAN/Economic Officer/20153002/03/5015/JN 3/3/JUL-22
  • SHANGHAI/Information Mgt Specialist/55053179/04/2880/CM 0/0/JUL-21
  • *SHENYANG/Economic Officer/20010004/03/5015/CM 3/3/OCT-20
  • *SHENYANG/Economic Officer/20025135/03/5015/CM 3/3/MAR-21
  • *WUHAN/Consular Officer/30258206/01/3001/CM 3/2/AUG-22
  • *WUHAN/Information Mgt Specialist/55256204/04/2880/CM 2/0/JUN-21


  • ANKARA/Information Mgt Specialist/55187000/04/2880/None/AUG-21
  • ANKARA/Political Officer/10334005/03/5505/TU 3/3/ AUG-22
  • FRANKFURT/Diplomatic Courier/57337000/04/2580/None/SEP-21
  • FRANKFURT/Diplomatic Courier/57321000/04/2580/None/JUL-21
  • FRANKFURT/IMS/RSC/57455000/03/2882/JAN-20
  • ISTANBUL/Information Programs Off/55202000/03/2880/TU 0/0/AUG-21
  • LJUBLJANA/Information Mgt Specialist/55200111/04/2880/None/JUL-21
  • *MOSCOW/Information Systems Off/55250001/04/2880/None/JUL-21
  • OSLO/Information Mgt Specialist/55108002/04/2880/None/SEP-21
  • REYKJAVIK/Information Mgt Officer/55040000/03/2880/None/JAN-21
  • REYKJAVIK/Information Mgt Specialist/55900111/04/2880/None/JUN-21
  • VALLETTA/Facility Manager/58321601/04/6217/None/MAY-21


  • ALGIERS/Human Resources Officer/54109000/03/2201/FR 3/3/JUL-21
  • ALGIERS/Information Mgt Specialist/55030001/04/2880/FR 2/1/SEP-21
  • AMMAN/Information Mgt Specialist/55136000/04/2880/None/MAY-21
  • *CAIRO/Information Mgt Specialist/55088001/04/2880/None/AUG-21
  • DOHA/Construction Manager/58346400/03/6218/None/NOV-20
  • DUBAI/Information Mgt Specialist/55073001/04/2880/None/SEP-21
  • JEDDAH/Pol/Econ Officer/14225000/03/6050/AD 3/3/AUG-21
  • JERUSALEM/Human Resources Officer/54279000/02/2201/None/DEC-20
  • KUWAIT/Information Mgt Specialist/55032004/04/2880/None/MAY-21
  • KUWAIT/Information Mgt Specialist/55054002/04/2880/None/MAY-21
  • MANAMA/Political Officer/10055001/03/5505/AD 3/2/SEP-23
  • *RIYADH/Political Officer/10090004/03/5505/AD 3/3/SEP-19
  • *RIYADH/Political Officer/10001801/03/5505/AD 3/3/MAR-21
  • TEL AVIV/Econ OMS/20160000/06/9017/None/JUL-21
  • TUNIS/Econ/Commercial Officer/14017005/03/5015/AD 3/3/JUL-22


  • *ASHGABAT/Information Mgt Officer /55008004/03/2880/RU 0/0/AUG-20
  • CHENNAI/Consular Officer/30504011/03/None//OCT-21
  • COLOMBO/Information Programs Off/55070001/04/2880/None/JUL-21
  • *DHAKA/Financial Mgt Officer/53020000/02/2101/None/MAR-21
  • *DHAKA/Information Programs Off/55017005/03/2880/None/SEP-20
  • *DHAKA/Information Systems Off/55018005/04/2880/None/JUN-20
  • *DUSHANBE/Information Mgt Specialist/55012008/04/2880/None/JUL-21
  • KATHMANDU/Information Programs Off/55012007/04/2880/JUN-21
  • KOLKATA/Information Programs Off/55000000/03/2880/None/SEP-21
  • KOLKATA/Pol/Econ Officer/14479000/03/6050/HJ 2/2/JUL-21
  • NEW DELHI/Construction Manager/58362869/02/6218/None/MAR-21
  • NEW DELHI/IMTS/R/57445002/03/2882/None/SEP-21
  • NEW DELHI/Information Mgt Specialist/55494000/04/2880/None/MAY-21
  • NEW DELHI/Information Mgt Specialist/55265000/03/2880/None/JAN-20
  • NEW DELHI/Information Systems Off/55020021/02/2884/None/JUL-21
  • NEW DELHI/Political/Labor Off/10255001/02/5535/HJ 3/3/JUL-20
  • NEW DELHI/Public Diplomacy Officer/60486000/02/4410/HJ 3/3/SEP-22
  • NEW DELHI/Security Engineer/57255004/02/2550/None/AUG-21


  • GEORGETOWN/Consular Officer/30045006/03/3001/QB 0/0/AUG-21
  • GEORGETOWN/Information Mgt Specialist/55037000/04/2880/None/MAY-21
  • GUATEMALA/Information Mgt Specialist/55143001/04/2880/QB 0/0/MAY-21
  • LA PAZ/Facility Manager/52164000/03/6217/None/DEC-21
  • MANAGUA/POL OMS/10069000/06/9017/QB 2/2/JUN-21
  • MEXICO CITY/Information Mgt Specialist/55287000/04/2880/None/SEP-21
  • *PORT AU PRINCE/Consular Officer/30073000/03/3001/HC 2/2; FR 0/0/JUL-22
  • SANTO DOMINGO/Consular Officer/31170000/02/3001/QB 3/3/AUG-21
  • TEGUCIGALPA/Information Mgt Specialist/55099000/04/2880/QB 0/0/JUL-21

Selection Process

At the end of the application period, a panel will review applications for relevant experience. Please note that Official Personnel Files (OPFs) may be reviewed as part of this selection process. As soon as the qualification review process has ended, the results will be forwarded to the respective bureau executive offices. The bureaus will have the final word on selecting the successful candidate.

Bureau Executive Office Contacts

Further Information

Please send queries to GTM-CDA-PDU-OCSA@STATE.GOV if you have any questions that are not answered in this cable or if you seek clarification on a specific issue.

The Department and the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) have discussed using the HTF exercise for Professional Associates and Civil Service employees to facilitate the filling of these positions.

U.S. Department of State

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