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Through our core offerings, our experts in management tackle four main organizational goals:

  1. Develop policies and manage platforms that strengthen the Department’s strategic governance, accountability, and alignment of resources.
    Through administering management platforms, such as the Enterprise Governance Board and policies, such as Chief of Mission Authority, M|SS enhances transparency, agility, and efficient alignment of resources for Department policy priorities.
  2. Empower data-informed diplomacy.
    M|SS is committed to improving data culture, data management, and use of data analytics throughout the Department. Through the Center for Analytics, M|SS is building the Department’s capacity to leverage data as a strategic asset, so that employees at all levels can make data driven decisions.
  3. Help Department principals, bureaus, and posts solve their challenges, applying leading edge management and mission expertise.
    Through our Consulting and Advanced Projects team, we address complex, enterprise-wide challenges by devoting the time and subject matter expertise needed to move solutions forward at an enterprise level.
  4. Promote a high-performing, forward-looking organization that thrives on inclusion, diversity, and teamwork.
    M|SS works to improve the Department at large, but we also strive to serve as a leading example of inclusion and continuous improvement. M|SS launched the Do Better Council in 2020 to do just that. Our vision is to practice inclusive behavior and continuous self-awareness to create an environment that allows all employees to thrive equally.

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