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The American-sponsored overseas schools play a significant role in the international endeavors of the United States. They not only serve the educational needs of U.S. children overseas, but also enroll children from host and third countries. One of the most serious difficulties overseas schools face is their isolation from current trends in education in the United States. To help overcome the obstacles caused by distance from the United States, the Office of Overseas Schools has long encouraged and supported the development of regional associations to provide American-sponsored overseas schools with a variety of educational services.

Some of the services provided by the associations include:

  • in-service training of administrators and teachers;
  • materials development;
  • purchasing of textbooks and equipment; and
  • recruitment of teachers and administrators.

One association, the Association for the Advancement of International Education is a world-wide organization supporting American international educational interests. Others serve overseas schools located in specific geographic areas of the world. Together with the Office of Overseas Schools, they have created a network of information, service, and support for American-sponsored overseas schools, faculty, students, parents, and community.

Each of the associations above organize conferences to enhance their educational services.

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