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The Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) protects information, both physical and digital, from being intercepted, corrupted, or compromised.

Security Engineering Officers

Security Engineering Officers (SEOs) provide technical security support and engineering expertise to protect our people, facilities, and sensitive information against espionage, terrorism, and crime at home and abroad.

These highly skilled engineers develop, maintain, and install electrical and mechanical systems such as access and perimeter controls, closed-circuit television systems, alarms, locks, and x-ray and bomb detection equipment. SEOs also plan and conduct technical surveillance inspections and test technical equipment to deter, detect and defeat clandestine intrusions.

A cadre of specially trained security technical specialists and U.S. Navy Seabees help SEOs maintain and repair Department of State security systems. [Read More]


Security Technical Specialists

Security Technical Specialists (STSs) support and assist in worldwide DSS technical security programs that protect Department of State facilities and personnel from technical espionage, acts of terrorism, and crime. Their work is varied – managing projects and people, supporting dignitary travel, exploring the use of new technology, and installing, maintaining, and repairing a vast array of complex technical security equipment.  [Read More]

On March 23, 2018, Security Technical Specialist Seabee Class 18-01 had their graduation ceremony at Diplomatic Security HQ in Arlington, Virginia.

U.S. Navy Seabees

U.S. Navy Seabees perform sensitive construction overseas and work with SEOs at U.S. diplomatic missions throughout the world. With their reputation for excellence, Seabees are often tasked with a wide range of projects — from installing and maintaining specialize equipment, like closed-circuit TV cameras, alarm systems, electromagnetic door locks, and vehicle barriers, to standing up post communications centers and armoring embassy vehicles. [Read More]

Diplomatic Couriers load pouches onto an airplane at Andrews Air Force Base in June of 2017.

Diplomatic Couriers

Diplomatic Couriers travel the world to ensure the safe and secure transfer of millions of pounds of classified and sensitive materials via diplomatic pouches each year. Diplomatic pouches can contain thousands of pounds of sensitive equipment and construction materials, as well as classified documents bound for more than 270 U.S. embassies, consulates, and related facilities around the world.  [Read More]

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Marine Security Guards

Marine Security Guards (MSGs) are stationed at most U.S. diplomatic missions under the management of the Regional Security Officer (RSO), the DSS special agent responsible for all security matters at each overseas post.

MSGs safeguard classified information and, as part of their daily routine, conduct inspections where classified information and equipment are stored or used. At each U.S. mission, the host government is primarily responsible for protecting its external perimeters and State Department-managed Local Guard Force members guard the embassy property. Should an embassy or consulate be attacked and that protection fail, MSGs are responsible for delaying the attackers long enough to destroy classified material and help protect the lives of diplomatic personnel. MSGs also assist in evacuating embassy personnel and other Americans living in the country if necessary.

Marines have played an important role in American diplomacy since 1798. To learn more about the Marine Security Guard program, visit the State Department online exhibit Partners in Diplomacy. Visitors may also view images of MSG personnel on the job at the Department’s Marine Security Guard photo gallery .

Cybersecurity Ssimage

Cybersecurity Training

The DSS Training Center offers instructor-led, role-based training to local, state, and federal government information technology (IT) professionals who protect information networks and the data that travel through them.

Through this role-based training, DSS delivers cybersecurity training to information systems security officers, system administrators, and senior level managers and executives.
Training is delivered through instructor-led seminars and classes, real-time virtual classroom settings, and online workshops on- or off-site. DSS also can customize the training to meet the specific policies and procedures of different federal agencies.

Through its training resources, DSS contributes to the security of information and IT systems throughout the whole of the U.S. government.


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