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The Nuclear Risk Reduction Center (NRRC) has officially been renamed the National and Nuclear Risk Reduction Center (NNRRC) pursuant to National Security Presidential Memorandum-34. This measure acknowledges the increasingly broad and evolving role the Center has assumed since its inception in 1988, when it was established as a secure, rapid, and reliable means of communication with the Soviet Union on a range of arms control issues. While the communications line with Russia remains a fundamental aspect of the NNRRC’s mission, the Center, which is run by the State Department, has adapted to the evolving international security environment.

Throughout the past three decades, the Center’s work has grown to encompass notification regimes with over 50 international partners on issues ranging from nuclear and conventional arms control, ballistic missile launch notifications, chemical weapons destruction, and international cyber incidents. Currently working in six languages, the NNRRC operates 24 hours a day to minimize the risk of armed conflict that could result from accident, miscalculation, or misunderstanding on a range of issues that impact national security.

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