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UPDATE: In order to serve the Department’s global workforce amid rapidly evolving pandemic conditions, the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) will continue offering most of its courses in a virtual format through the first quarter of fiscal year 2022. A limited number of courses will continue to be offered in-person or as a blended course (a combination of in-person and virtual training) at the National Foreign Affairs Training Campus (NFATC). All in-person and blended courses will strictly adhere to guidelines from the Bureau of Medical Services and Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Information on the delivery method for each course offering is in the FSI Course Catalog. Courses that are delivered in-person will be denoted as “classroom” and courses offered virtually are listed as “virtual classroom.” Course offerings that are blended will say “classroom” and provide a physical location and general schedule for the classroom. With this plan, FSI will continue to transform and optimize training delivery for the long-term.

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